What Kind of Camera Equipment Do I Use and Why?

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Business |

Unless you want to create a premium brand, you can use any good digital camera to capture your photos and video.

When I first started I used a T3i Canon Rebel with a rode shotgun mic.

However, if you want to create a world-class look, I recommend using a higher level of equipment.

I’m a big canon lover so I now use the 5d Mark III. It’s a full frame camera that captures amazing photography and video. I have the sennheiser wireless mics. I found they have the highest quality audio over RODE mics.

I use the 1.4 50 mm lens. That gives a clean focus with a depth of field. That creates the blurry background.

I also use an l series lens 24-105mm. It’s great for image stabilization for moving shots and is also great for mid range shots. That is what I use if you ever see my trainings on a white board.

For editing I use to use iMovie and for the last 3 years I have used Final Cut Pro.

Yes, I’m a huge mac lover and if you are editing video, you should upgrade your ram to increase your speed. Also, recommend investing in LaCie Hardrives to keep your video footage from slowing down your computer.

I have to give 100% of my camera knowledge to Tony Zuppardo. He is a genius photographer that taught me everything I know about the game!

Don’t feel intimidated by my camera line up. It’s taken me a few years to build up the equipment I have today.

I recommend using the starting set of cannon before upgrading to the high level stuff or else you may not know how to work with it.

If you shoot canon I would love your feedback.


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