Most people will change their living standards depending on the situation and income in the span of their lives

When you are clear about your goal and set your mind to it, you must also adjust your internal thermostat. What that means is to adjust your mindset and living standard on track to that goal.

For example, someone who wins a ton of money from lottery most likely did not expect to win and therefore did not prepare their mindset or their thermostat to the new standard of living. Since their standard of living is still lower than where they really should be, everything in their life will start to diminish, including the lottery money, to match the lower (previous) standard.

On the other hand, if a successful businessman or businesswoman changes his or her mindset with the growth of the company or the income then he/she would not accept business deals or opportunities below the newly updated standard or thermostat level.

Today, try to analyze yourself and see if you need to adjust your internal thermostat and raise your standard to attract more and better opportunities!

– Adam

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